Voices from Amnesty’s 2013 Human Rights Conference

At AIUSA 2013 Annual General Meeting & Human Rights Conference I spoke with Rick Roth, Kelly Tuley and Claudia Vandermade about Get on the Bus NYC & DC.  As well as with Bob & Carol Pearson, Area Coordinator and Legislative Coordinator for New Mexico.

Rick Roth & Kelly Tuley are the Coordinators for Local Group 133 in Boston and the organizers of Get on the Bus for Human Rights in New York City.  In addition I talked with Claudia Vandermade co-coordinator for Get on the Bus DC.

Bob & Carol Pearson, members of Local Groups 463, Las Vegas New Mexico.  Bob & Carol talk about the human rights events and actions planned for their area as well as long-term Prisoner of Conscious (POC) cases, Ahmad QatameshShi Tao



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