Welcome to Incite Rights Podcast: Conversations with Today’s Human Rights Advocates. Each podcast will feature Amnesty International volunteers, staff and other grassroots advocates in a discussion about what led them to human rights activism, what keeps them going, and what actions we can all take to effect global change. During the conversations you will hear people speaking about their passion for human rights, stories of struggle, as well as stories of success and inspiration.

The goal of this podcast is to share information about human rights activism, explore ideas on how to effectively organizing and motivate others to action, connect human rights activist, and help build a strong human rights community.

About Music

The intro and outro music is titled “Our Song” by 3minute pop songs. 3minute pop songs is the latest project from music producer, songwriter, web entrepreneur, and online music pioneer, Steve Bintliff.

About the Host

Alyce Stark is creator,  producer, and host of “Incite Rights: Conversations with Human Rights Advocates Podcast”. Since 2005, Alyce had been a member of Amnesty International and has held several leadership positions including NY State Death Penalty Abolition Coordinator (2007 – 2010) and Group Coordinator for NYC Women’s Human Rights Action Team (2008 – Present).  In this capacity, she has developed, implemented, and promoted many events, fundraisers, and projects for Amnesty International within the New York City Area.

Email Alyce at: alyce@inciterights.org
Send at Tweet to @alyce_stark

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