Conversation with Becky Farrar, 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate

Becky FarrarBecky Farrar is an attorney, Co-Chair of International Human Rights Committee with the American Bar Association and AIUSA Legislative Coordinator for Washington DC. Becky is also a 2013 AIUSA board candidate.



Covered in this episode:

  • 1:50 Becky talks about her early professional career and what led her to law school
  • 5:50 What drew her to get involved in human rights and activism
  • 8:00 Starting an Amnesty chapter at Stetson University Law School
  • 11:40 Why Amnesty
  • 13:25 Becky’s favorite quote “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers but above all the world needs dreamers who do.”
  • 16:40 Working as the Washington DC Legislative Coordinator
  • 23:17 Washington DC Local Group 211/536
  • 24:18 Organizing “Get on the Bus DC
  • 26:15 Winning the 2012 Hironaka Award
  • 30:20 Membership empowerment
  • 37:35 Working on the case of Nasrin Sotoudeh, an Iranian lawyer
  • 40:54 The need to connect research, campaigns, and activist
  • 44:30 Why run for the board
  • 51:15 How Amnesty should prioritize its work
  • 53:35 Concerns and questions from AIUSA membership
  • 56:35 Interest in serving on the board membership committee
  • 58:15 Looking for other opportunities within Amnesty

For more information about Amnesty USA’s 2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM)  in Washington DC, March 22-24:

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