Conversation with Cecili Thompson Williams, 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate

Cecili Thompson WilliamsCecili Thompson Williams is the Training & Outreach Director for The Atlas Project, and a long time member of Amnesty International. Cecili has served as the Mexico Country Specialist, as a member of the Women’s Coordination Group and as the Deputy Regional Director with the Mid-Atlantic Region. Cecili is also a 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate.

Covered in this episode: 

  • 2:28 Cecili talks about how living all over the world gave her first hand experience of human rights violations
  • 4:30 What led her to a career in human rights
  • 6:43 Joining Amnesty International Portugal as a high school student
  • 9:30 What makes Amnesty International different from other human rights organizations
  • 15:27 Why she continues to be involved with Amnesty over the years
  • 18:09 Membership empowerment
  • 22:00 Future of local groups and student groups
  • 26:00 Hardest day as a human rights activist
  • 32:11 How to keep going despite the step backs
  • 34:10 Why run for the board
  • 35:58 The need for more voices on our Board that truly understand what Amnesty means to all the people who make it happen
  • 38:24 Prioritizing Amnesty’s work
  • 41:45 Long term work such as repealing the death penalty law in MD
  • 42:57 Amnesty International’s “Moving Closer the Ground”
  • 54:44 Interest in serving on the membership committee
  • 55:50 Other areas of interest


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