Conversation with David Stamps, 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate

David StampsDavid Stamps is a long time member of Amnesty International, where he served as AIUSA Treasurer, AI International Treasurer and Chair of the AI International Financial Control Committee.  David is running for the 2013 board of director with AIUSA.



Covered in the Episode:
Ginetta Sagan with Medal of Freedom

  • David & Ginetta Sagan: David tells the story of how he came to meet Ginetta and became a human rights activist
  • Importance & impact of letter writing
  • Experience working as the Libyan country specials and part of North Africa Co-Group of letter writing & Aung San Suu Kyi 
  • Working on behalf of the “Forgotten Prisoners”
  • Hardest works as an activist – death penalty work and the relationship with a death row inmate
  • Past board of directors experience: AIUSA Treasurer, AI International Treasurer & Chair of the AI International Financial Control Committee
  • “Powerful fundraising comes from volunteers and staff working together”
  • Why run for the board?
  • Importance of good governance
  • Amnesty’s mission and prioritizing our work
  • Important of lining up section strategic plans with the international plans
  • Individuals at Risk Campaign
  • Demand Dignity Campaign
  • Amnesty’s “moving closer to the ground” efforts
  • Membership empowerment & membership training

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