Conversation with Kristina Brady, 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate

kris bradey -2


Kristina Brady is a member of Amnesty International Local Group 500, and currently serves as Board of Directors Treasurer. Kris is also a 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate.

Covered in this episode:

  • How her mother’s stories of her childhood inspired Kris to work on human rights
  • How she first become involved with Amnesty International as a student
  • Being a member of local group 500 in Austin, TX
  • Why Amnesty
  • Roles held within Amnesty
  • Hardest days
  • Working on POC cases and letter writing
  • How becoming involved with Amnesty changed her perception on the death penalty
  • Membership empowerment
  • The future of local and student groups
  • Why run for the board
  • Being on the board is another way to serve the organization
  • Implementation of the strategic plan
  • The need for better communication and inclusiveness

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