LGBT Human Rights in Latin America with Emily McGranachan – IR12

Emily McGranachanEmily McGranachan is a graduate student at American University in Washington DC, studying Human Rights, with a focus on women’s and LGBT rights in Latin America. Before moving to DC, she was born and raised in Massachusetts with her moms. Emily is a committed activist for LGBT human rights and services as a member of Amnesty International USA LGBT Co-Group and COLAGE (a national organization for youth with LGBTQ parents) to promote equality and respect for rights.
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Conversation with Tony Lee, Chair of AIUSA LGBT Co-Group

Tony R Lee

Tony Lee is a member of Amnesty International and serves as the Chair of AIUSA LGBT Co-Group.



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Conversation with Cecili Thompson Williams, 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate

Cecili Thompson WilliamsCecili Thompson Williams is the Training & Outreach Director for The Atlas Project, and a long time member of Amnesty International. Cecili has served as the Mexico Country Specialist, as a member of the Women’s Coordination Group and as the Deputy Regional Director with the Mid-Atlantic Region. Cecili is also a 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate.
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Voices from Amnesty’s 2013 Human Rights Conference

At AIUSA 2013 Annual General Meeting & Human Rights Conference I spoke with Rick Roth, Kelly Tuley and Claudia Vandermade about Get on the Bus NYC & DC.  As well as with Bob & Carol Pearson, Area Coordinator and Legislative Coordinator for New Mexico.

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Conversation with Becky Farrar, 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate

Becky FarrarBecky Farrar is an attorney, Co-Chair of International Human Rights Committee with the American Bar Association and AIUSA Legislative Coordinator for Washington DC. Becky is also a 2013 AIUSA board candidate.



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Conversation with Terry Rockefeller, 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate

Terry Rockefeller

Terry Rockefeller is a documentary filmmaker, member of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, as well as United for Peace and Justice and AIUSA Local Group 56.  Terry is also a 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate.



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Conversation with Matt Kennis, 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate

Matthew Kennis Photo 3Matt Kennis is the Chair of the Central America/Mexico Co-Group, and the Guatemala Country Specialist for AIUSA.  Matt is also the former Northeast Regional Field Organizer for AIUSA. Matt is a 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate.


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Conversation with Stacy Suh, 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate

Stacy Suh

Stacy Suh is a student & youth activist. She is the 2012 Ladis Kristof Memorial Fellow for Organizing and Activism and the former Co-Chair, National Youth Action Committee for AIUSA.  Stacy is a 2013 AIUSA board candidate.

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Conversation with David Stamps, 2013 AIUSA Board Candidate


David StampsDavid Stamps is a long time member of Amnesty International, where he served as AIUSA Treasurer, AI International Treasurer and Chair of the AI International Financial Control Committee.  David is running for the 2013 board of director with AIUSA.



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