Conversation with Tony Lee, Chair of AIUSA LGBT Co-Group

Tony R Lee

Tony Lee is a member of Amnesty International and serves as the Chair of AIUSA LGBT Co-Group.



Covered in this episode:

  • Tony talks about his drive to make the world a better place at the age of 12
  • How he first became involved with Amnesty International in high school
  • Tony talks about the history of thematic co- groups and the work of the LGBT Co- Group
  • Members of LGBT co -group are a resource to the membership and staff. Provide guidence to local and student groups who want to work on lgbt cases or issues
  • Obama and Russian’s new anti LGBT law
  • Tony answers a huge question ” What is the state of LGBT rights around the world”
  • LGBT rights within the context of human rights and human rights law
  • UN’s new campaign “Free and Equal” , the first global pubic education campaign to raise awareness, educate people on LGBT issue, and make the connection human rights
  • Amnesty International’s New report “Making Love a Crime” focusing on sub-Saharan Africa
  • Noxolo Nogwaza
  • LGBT rights victories around the world
  • Obama and the Pope speak about LGBT people
  • You can find AIUSA LGBT Co-Group on Facebook and Twitter or email them at
  • For more information go to AIUSA website :



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